Genevieve (msgenevieve) wrote in prisonbreak_fic,

Michael/Sara drabble - 100 words

Title: Unspoken
Fandom: Prison Break
Pairing: Michael/Sara
Rating: PG-15
Words: 100
Spoilers: Spoilers up to #213, speculation for beyond.

It’s not like the last time, when he’d been paralyzed with guilt and fear, unable to let himself hope. This time, all it takes is one look and he knows this is real for both of them.

“I didn’t leave you,” she whispers, her eyes burning into his, her voice thick with tears.

“I know.”

Then she’s in his arms and her mouth is on his and she’s kissing him fiercely, inhaling him, trembling against him. His hands are tangled in her hair – God, it’s so short - and she doesn’t say I forgive you, but he hears it anyway.

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