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prisonbreak_fic's Journal

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Prison Break Fan Fic
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The place for all Prison Break fic: slash, het, or any combination of both.

You may link to fic off Livejournal, in your own journal, or post it within the community itself.

Some simple rules:

1.) No introductory posts. They're boring and nobody cares. Fic only.

2.) Fic only. This means that if your post does not contain fic and ONLY FIC, it is not allowed. No exceptions... not even for whatever very important announcement you may have that is not a fic update notification.

3.) In relation to #1 and #2, no pimping of other communities, no "Cross-posted to x and x" This isn't to stop the promotion of communities, just to keep posts on topic and nobody really cares where else you post things to. Just fic only.

4.) No RPF/RPS (Real Person). Wentworth is hot for sure, but let's keep things to just Prison Break stories.

5.) Please try and have a beta look over your stories and help you spot any errors. Even the best of us make them, and it'll make your stories much better received!

6.) Please try and refrain from using phrases like, "I didn't get this beta'ed, so please excuse any errors!!" or "I wrote this in 5 minutes and it's kinda dumb, but here it is!"
It's really not a convincing way to get people to click through your cut tag, you know what I mean?

7.) In much the same light as #6, please refrain from using the "fake cut" fad. You may indeed make "fake cuts" but do not refer to them as such, as it really defeats the whole purpose of hiding a link. If you have a plain link, it is not a "fake cut," it is just a link. This rule may seem picky, but it will keep the integrity and overall intelligence of the community high.

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